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A year later

I sit here in Brooklyn - May 21st 2018 - exactly a year to date since my last post. Clearly, it's been a while and to be honest, I’m not sure what my driving purpose is with writing this but after rereading that last entry I can’t help but reflect on what's happened since.

Here are some thoughts, practices and lessons learned over the past 12 months:

  • I’m learning to accept the constant transition - there’s no more vacation or winter break to measure the time. It kind of just passes and I feel myself experiencing the seasons differently.

  • Asking for what you want is okay.

  • Taking a bubble bath with scented candles and salts is not a luxury. I used to think treating myself to things like this was an indulgence I wasn’t deserving of. I’ve decided to instead see them as a necessities because I've realized I need to prioritize things like this in order to support myself and make myself feel good. #simplepleasures

  • Stretching ourselves to uncomfortable places is so important. I wonder if by expanding so much we somehow instinctually find what's equal and opposite to that. If by reaching beyond ourselves we learn something much deeper and truer about what’s inside us.

  • Giving doesn’t mean emptying.

  • Self-love has a different definition then it used to. It’s not a list of affirmations but instead a sort of gratitude. I will never be who I was 10 years ago, or 2 years ago...and it’s so crucial that I’m not. I’m trying to practice how to embrace and honour myself as I am now without hurtful criticisms. I can see my collection of experiences as burdens or as treasure.

  • There are so many aspects of life that I still find frustrating and overwhelming. Things I haven’t figured out yet and feel pressured to know before I’m 25.

  • Eating with love is better than anything.

  • It’s really amazing what happens when you give others a chance.

  • It’s also really amazing what happens when you’re the one given a chance.

  • I get to own my words, decisions and actions and that’s super empowering. I get to say “yes” because I can and because I want to.

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